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On my yogi journey: Ash (part 4)

Completed my 1st ever class today & it's a bubbly warm feeling radiating all over me. 
Never expected to enjoy it as much I am feeling now. :') 

I am just glad to be able to share my knowledge with others. 
Honestly, being a yoga teacher puts you more in a 'student' position than a teacher. 
I say this because I learn from each & everyone's body - we are unique individuals. 

And really I question how good of a teacher I am, when I can't do the funky poses and all. 
But this questioning brings about a spirit of self-improvement 
and this for me, is enough to fuel my learning journey - as a practitioner and teacher 

For all who came for my 1st lesson, this memory will always hold a special place in my heart 
I've given my heart & soul into preparing, teaching & executing the lesson 
at the end of the day, 
I hope you feel my sincerity 
& that you've left the class feeling more energised to tackle whatever life has to throw in your way. 

Also a reminder to self, that I never lose sight of what a privilege it is to teach 

God bless, with love
♡ Ashley