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On my yogi journey: Ash (part 5)

So, tmr marks the last day of community classes & I can't help but wish it will never come to an end. 
But all good things must come to an end, 
and I can only be thankful that the journey was a beautiful one. 

Just observing my classmates around me has made me realised how much we've changed in these 5 weeks 
& it's in the smallest of things that I see everyone's growth 
This is what community is about, 
we support each other & bring out the best in everyone 

Initially was a little bummed that I couldn't do my electives due to some reasons 
however, here's a quote I saw a few days back 
& I couldn't help but feel like it was speaking to me
here goes nothing: 

Every closed door 
is a humbling, 
and sometimes painful reminder 
that all along, 
God has something better. 
- MHN - 

& indeed His plans are always greater than mine 

With love ♡