Parting thoughts- Clarice

Exams are just around the corner now, and sitting here studying for it just made me realize how much we’ve learnt over the course 3 months-ish. I wondered for a moment what would YTT be without theory and I think my answer reinforces the idea behind the 4 paths of yoga: That yoga is a holistic endeavour, that it wouldn’t be the same if someone were to just focus on the physical. Translated to my actual journey in YTT, physical practice alone would have made it quite blatantly empty. Now, the knowledge of how a sequence affects your chakras, the different systems, how a practice could change the way you relate to others and understand yourself, has made me feel a little more equipped and patient for more growth. I guess it’s safe to say, YTT might be ending, but it’s the start of an even more fulfilling yoga journey 😉