Past the half-way mark! – 1/6 Roxane

Day 13 of YTT – we are more than halfway through the course! It has been a whole different experience thus far: practicing our asanas, alignments, adjustments, meditation, pranayama, the theory behind yoga, the science behind how our body works… So many things! All these are definitely not covered in the one-hour studio classes I’ve been to before, and perhaps I’ve heard of some terms used by other yogis on Instagram, but its only through this YTT that we got to sit down and have a discussion all on it. And I’m loving it!

Of course, since it is a teaching course, there were many opportunities to lead the class in our asana practice. We started with leading Sun Salutations, moving onto our asana sequences, giving instructions on inhales and exhales, and the Sanskrit names. (Thank you thank you thank you to my teachers who have always been using Sanskrit in class!) And just today, we had to lead the class for pranayama and it was so different! My mind couldn’t piece together words and sequence them properly. So when I was giving instructions for Kapalbhati, I completely forgot a whole chunk of info I wanted to give the class oops! Practice practice practice!

We also learned how to help a student get into inversions today. And my main take-away from it is really to ensure a safe environment for your student and yourself. There’s so many small details that if we miss out on, might result in injuries, such as holding the student below the knee while inverted or bringing your face too close into the danger-(get kicked in the face)-zone.

This post might be getting a little too long!! But I just want to say how much I appreciate my classmates for being so helpful and supportive for each others’ learning. Also, they are the most hardworking people, it makes me feel motivated to put in my all. See you guys tomorrow! 🙂