Hey everyone!

This is me executing my first written assignment during the 200hr YTT at The Yoga Mandala. The word “homework” has in the past always gotten me into a really serious mode where I can’t think of anything else than finishing my assignment in the best way possible.

Yoga is really special to me since my practice always keeps me reconnecting with my mind, body and soul – I say reconnect since the fast past society we live in has a tendency to make me lose that important connection that helps us stay grounded as human beings and not as human “doings”…

Yoga reminds me to stay playful in life. The word “play” meaning: “engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose”. The activity of enjoyment being yoga in my case lets me be in a constant experimental mode with new, old and challenging postures. For me, this is when I get to play! I believe playfulness is crucial in life. If we start getting to serious in how we go about in everyday life we lose sense of allowing us to let go of boundaries. Boundaries do not feed our creativity, and without creativity there will be no innovation in society. So.. something starting only just on your mat can be the beginning of something major.