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AFTER 4 WEEKS of daily meditation, I finally had an A-Ha moment!
Sitting still and drowning out noises (and any distractions) is pretty much the
hardest thing and being able to fall into meditation instantly is impossible.
Ujjayi was finally clear today. Day after day, I have slowly been settling in
easier and the leg cramps take longer to creep in. There are still days where I
am completely out of it but just simply breathing slows the crazy ADHD mind
down. I think my body or soul was too exhausted today to be distracted. I got
into it this psychedelic state almost immediately and was able to hold on to
this weird feeling till the end. I was a little upset it had to come to an end
because it felt slightly euphoric (maybe adrenaline?) and I can’t believe I
haven’t done this before. It’s like being high without drugs! I get what you
mean, Jess!!
At the end of the day, I came home to try it out again but was unable to find
that same feeling.

200 Hour YTT Nov’19