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Post 3: Letting go of ego

What is ego to you? Often you hear this phrase – let go of ur ego.

According to dictionary, Ego is “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance”.


I was very much afraid of failure.

Very much refused to admit, but through this journey i have to.


So, today it happens. i held my first headstand without a wall!

No doubts. No “i cant” No “what if” No “i am gonna sway again”  

I just said to myself, let’s leave Mr Wally (aka my wall) and try it.


How much a difference it takes to let go of expectations, let go of the messy thoughts in ur head.


If you struggling with something that you have been working at (not just asanas), take a step back  – accept what it is now, let go, move on.

Suzanne Ong
RYT200 YTT February 2019 Weekend