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I always had a little hunch back. It never really bothered me until I saw it in my wedding photos and I felt that i could look so much nicer if i were to lose the hunch.

Every time someone tells me to stand or sit up straight, I always just arch my back more thinking that it helps me in standing straight up. But during YTT I realise that it is not so simple. My upper back and shoulders are really tight, and chest muscles are really short. I struggle with many asanas that requires an open chest and open shoulders. It is really not easy for my arms to be beside my ears in Urhva hastasanas and Warrior 1.

I am not sure if it is just in my head, but after 2.5 weeks of practice , I feel that my chest is alot more open than it ever was. My urhva hastasanas are alot better than day 1. I still have a long way to go, but I am happy to feel an improvement!

I love how YTT improves my daily life, the way i walk, the way i stand. I love that I am more aware of my body , understanding what kind of exercises and postures are good for me. I also like observing peoples postures in the trains now, and secretly envy those who do not have a hunch.

On the other hand. We are half way through our YTT!! Extremely proud of every one in class! I see how everyone is improving everyday, my course mates are all very self motivated people and it really keeps the energy going, it give me strength to do even better everyday!

200 Hour YTT Jan’21