Power of Breath – Annette (1/6)

I can’t believe that it is already the end of Week 2 of YTT. Time really flies when I’m having fun. I am really enjoying myself everyday, because everyday we are given new challenges to overcome and learning new knowledge. Jess really has this talent to make classes so fun. I love how everyone is so open to sharing and how our energy comes together to make MAGIC happen! We’ve seen so much improvements in our bodies, mind and stamina!

It’s also been an eye opening experience, being exposed to so many fundamentals and learning what YOGA is all about. Not only the physical, but mental and spiritual aspects. I’m sure I have ALOT more to learn in the next 3 weeks!!

Anyway, my post today is about Ujjayi breathing, so I’ll go straight to the point and try not to be so long winded (which is something I WILL work on in this YTT as well HAHA)

I’ve never really understood or thought much of Ujjayi breathing we HAD TO BREATH in every pose. It was really tiring initially, because I was not used to it. I realised before the YTT started, I was not breathing Ujjayi anymore 5 mins into the practice. But here, I’m constantly reminded that we have to breath for every pose (loudly or else we will be holding in the poses forever). I always thought it was simply to slow down the mind, but actually it is also to make sure you don’t get injured because your muscles will be warm if you Ujjayi!!! INTERESTING RIGHT. Therefore, I don’t really need to exert so much physically to become warm and go into poses, but the BREATH will be the most important tool.

Conclusion is, I’m going to Ujjayi all day so that I’m always warm, so that I can pop into a dancers pose whenever! I’m kidding. HAHA. However, I really believe in the power of breath!!!!

So, have you been Ujjayi breathing today? 🙂