Power of rest – (4/6) Annette

There’s a time for everything. Time to work hard, time to play, and time to rest. Rest is SO important and it is so easily put in our least priority because it is seem as NOT productive. Yet, our bodies and minds need it SO much. We must never overlook the importance of rest. Without rest, you might backfire the efforts of whatever you’re working on.

This goes for anything actually. At work, when are are studying (till late hours and forcing all our last minute information in our brains), or when we are trying to nail a particular asana. We just keep WORKING WORKING WORKING and do not give our bodies the sufficient rest to recover. For yoga in particular, maybe because I’m a Yang practitioner, I am the go-getter, work it till you make it, power power power. And I admit I probably don’t do Yin enough. But maybe by always overworking the muscles everytime and not resting in between, my practice might worsen overtime instead of improving (which should make sense right? More practice = better). However, I think over the past almost three weeks. I’ve learnt that maybe I don’t need to do Yang yoga everyday. Rest when my body TELLS ME TO, and GO when I’m feeling more energetic!

Today’s Yoga Nidra was a reminder that every one LOVES savasana, because that is when even though the mind is active, the body is at absolute rest. Which is what everyone needs after an intense sweaty yoga session. I love it. I love how savasana has gained a totally new perspective for me. I used to think it was quite silly to stay for savasana or complete the savasana, but over the course I’ve gained a deeper understanding of it and would encourage everyone to stay throughout savasana. WE NEED IT. Maybe we don’t have enough time to do a whole Yoga Nidra, but if we can all incorporate a mini Yoga Nidra in every savasana session, I think it will greatly benefit ourselves!

So have you had your Savasana today? 🙂