Power of Teaching – Annette (5/6)

This week, we called our friends over to Yoga Mandala for our community classes. My friends are so cute and supportive, so many of them came down for my classes. I am so thankful for them, because of them they have taught me many many things. From sequencing, to learning how to change plans on the spot based on current situations and energy, and also to learning from the many many mistakes I made in the three classes I taught.

There is so much I wanted to share and teach my friends in that short 1 hour, and in such a short time it is definitely not enough. Throughout the 5 weeks, I had to relearn everything I used to think how sequencing was like, and try it in these 3 lessons. I wished we had more classes to teach, so that we have alot more chances for improvements.

Amongst all the three classes, I felt teaching the beginner’s class was the most difficult in my opinion. It doesn’t mean “easy” asana = easier to teach. But it’s actually the students that come for your class who do not have a background knowledge and understanding of yoga, and have not developed the right muscles used in yoga. Alot of the alignments have to be corrected, and there is just so much going on: Demonstrating, cueing, aligning and thinking of the next pose.

Planning the sequence is also an art as you have an idea in mind what you hope the students can achieve at the end of the session, or which theme you are working on. I think there is so much power in the teacher because what makes or breaks the class is also the teacher’s attitude towards the students. If the teacher is there to just perform, nothing good will come out of the class. But if the teacher is there to share the love of yoga and teach her/his student with love, then no matter what she/he teaches, the students will feel loved and satisfied. OK digressing a little. However, my whole main point is to say that, it has been such a challenging but fulfilling two days of teaching and just learning as much as I can.

I’ve also learnt alot from my fellow YTT mates, who did their own community class. There is just so much to learn from each other. From sequencing, to the pace and style of the class, taking what I like and learning different ways to do the same thing. I couldn’t ask for any better friends and teachers to learn from <3

So, what have you learnt from your teacher or friends today?