Power of the body- (2/6) Annette

Our bodies are such a complex and amazing creation. We started looking at the muscles anatomy today, and I’m already overwhelmed with the number of muscles and different names (that do not have any affiliation with one another). With just ONE pose, the number of muscles that are engaged is CRAZY. I’m not the best biology student around, but I love how I can understand and relate to the muscles in every pose as I try to do it self.

However, when we are actually doing the pose in a class setting, the teacher instructs and you don’t think so much about it but subconsciously engage the right muscles to get into the pose. Now that we are actually learning how to instruct, the breaking down of the pose becomes mind blowing!!! Haha. There is just so many things to remember and think of when teaching a class, yet you have to think of the muscle groups at the same time. I guess it really takes time and practice to become good at this! Kuddos to all the teachers out there!!! Now I know that IT IS NOT AS EASY AS IT SEEMS!!!

Even though it is hard, ANATOMY IS COMPLEX… But I’m still super interested and hope to become a professional at this! I’m going to try my best to remember and use the knowledge effectively, until all these becomes second nature to me.

Actually why I’m so interested in all this muscle groups is also because ever since I became physically stronger in my strength practice, I’ve lost quite abit of flexibility. So I’m always intrigued as to how these muscles work, and in what way I can stretch safely to make sure that I go into the pose in the safest way possible (and also importantly for my future students). Every body is different, there’s countless possible combination of everything that makes up bodies of every one of us. I won’t be able to experience all the different types of bodies in this YTT, but as I go out to teach in the future (hopefully) I hope that I will be able to apply these knowledge effective to benefit my future students 🙂

In another note, I believe that the body is a BRILLIANT creation. I truly believe in the power of muscle memory. Constant repetitive of doing something/working into it, YOU WILL GET THERE. As long as your body is ready for it. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but with practice and perseverance, MAGIC will happen!!! For a long time, I never imagined myself being able to do hollowbacks or pincha, but now that my body is ready I am able to get into it with much ease and lightness as before. Also with a healthy body, you have won half the battle of a healthy person (the other is a healthy mind). But really, health is the most important thing, so if your body is healthy, you have so much to be thankful for already! (Ok disgressing here)

Is there something you’re working on? Try working on the muscles required for you to engage in the pose or stretch the muscles required to be lengthened, rather than going into the pose itself. When your body is ready, you will definitely get into it with ease! I PROMISE 🙂