Power of Yoga – Annette (6/6)

I cannot believe my YTT is coming to an end tomorrow :((((((( I am so so sad. I will miss my friends, my teachers and just going to Yoga Mandala every weekday morning, for challenging meditation, asanas and new knowledge for theory! It has been SUCH an amazing journey! I loved every single bit of this course.

Yoga is really more than the physical practice. It is alot about the mental, the breath and the soul. It also connects people to one another, and it works in an amazing way that I cannot even begin to explain everything. You have to experience it yourself to know it!

It’s normal that many people turn to yoga because they wanna keep fit, do handstands and splits (or even legs over the head..), and there is really no right or wrong way to want to start doing yoga. But why? Why do you want to do and achieve all these? Does that make you a better person, does it make your life perfect? Maybe throughout all these practice, you keep failing but keep trying, and it teaches you about patience, humility, kindness and wisdom. It is an entire journey, and it doesn’t stop when you achieve those asanas.

Sometimes I ask myself the question, why do I turn up on the mat everyday? It teaches me about discipline and determination, to be thankful that I have the physical ability to practice the physical aspect of yoga. And hopefully one day I will be able to meditate the entire way through my physical practice. An advanced yogi doesn’t mean he/she can do all the advanced poses, but it’s really mainly what is going on in his/her mind throughout. Being more mindful, more grateful and practising patience to keep trying until my body is ready to take me to another level of physical and mental practice.

One of my biggest takeaway is to learn how to sit (more) still and meditate. Doing it every weekday for 5 weeks, really trained me to be ok with sitting still and meditating. I’ve always liked to move around and am itching to go upside down instead of sitting still. And that is one of my greatest improvement for Yoga. I might have improved my handstands and certain asanas, but reflecting, I think I’ve improved the most in my meditation.

So so thankful for everything in the past 5 weeks. To Ida, Din and Yuming, I hope that we will never stop learning even though we become certified Yoga Instructors!!! Thank you for all the fun, laughter, love and pains (holding handstands for many minutes!) we went through together. And big thank you to our teachers, Jessica, Alexis, Sara and Nicole for sharing your love and knowledge with us. We owe it all to you guys! <3

So my last question to you is, what is Yoga to you?