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Practice and COVID: Shi Qi

The second stage of my YTT experience can be termed as “Practice and COVID”. As the name suggest,
no prize for guessing what happened during the next few weeks of the YTT journey. As the number of
COVID cases rises, so did our frustration and anxiety. From mask on practice to mask off practice to
mask on practice, we don’t really know what is happening anymore. But through it all, I am glad the
restrictions and precautions are in place and that we really tried our best to keep to them. COVID
scares are not uncommon as of that point in time and kudos to everyone in The Yoga Mandala
(especially Jess and Alexis) for trying to keep us safe! Oh, not to forget! We had our exclusive
experience of dining at the famous pond area for lunch! One does not simply graduate from YTT
without going through this rite of passage.


So back to practice, curious what happens to the body now? I am proud to say that while 6.30am call
time during the weekends is still a struggle, it does not come off as rude shock to the body anymore
(at least for mine). Drills still draws the life away from me but they strongly became more bearable.
This is also a time whereby your life starts to get infiltrated by Sanskrits and teaching instructions. And
you are beginning to wonder how can breathing (when combined with instructions and demonstration)
be so difficult? Learning is definitely limited by the restrictions but I am definitely amazed by the
adaptability that everyone has shown. And this is also the time that you get past that initial awkward
stage with everyone else and venturing into the different topics of our lives helps to bring everyone
closer (to bear in mind the time limit though…. your arms might not thank you if you are asked to do
extra push ups).


Shi Qi
200HR YTT Jul’21 Weekend