Practicing Mindfulness 3/6 Gayle Nerva

I never thought that I’d end up loving yoga so much. How multifaceted it is, tapping in on all our sensory responses, stimulating the mind, body, as well as our soul.. I’ve never been one to really sit still and look inward, especially not on my own. It’s always easy for me to be distracted and stimulated by things around us..television shows, our little mini computers in our hands, always being stimulated by media or our surroundings and by people. It’s easy to allow yourself to get lazy and feel like life has no real meaning.

It’s nice to just take some time and just be. Sit alone, breathe and reflect.. This is one of the things I love about discovering and deepening my yoga practice. Learning how to focus my mind, learning how to clear my thoughts and send away negative energies and may linger in my body and mind. Learning how to accept myself, where I am, and how I am feeling. Learning how to accept my situation and surroundings.. and challenging that awareness and peacefulness into my daily life. Learning to be more patient and forgiving with the things that are out of my control and the things that I can change.

Postures for me have always just been postures – pretty poses. The movements are just movements, a split is just a split. A headstand is just a headstand. I’ve been trying to be more mindful while practicing my asanas, moving with intention, giving these movements and postures a deeper meaning, finding that connection between the mind and the body, and ultimately connecting with the soul and the universe.