Practitioner to Teaching

Many are in this course with the intention of deepening their practice, some aim to explore their option of being a yoga teacher.

This teacher training course allowed me to face one of my biggest fear which is teaching. A teacher compare to a practitioner requires more commitment, discipline, responsibility, confidence, knowledge, ability to articulate, personality, ability to handle stress, etc.

This course consist of 3 components – Asana (Physical practice), Theory and Teaching. Everyone have their own strengths and weaknesses. Having a dance background and attended many yoga classes I do have it easier with the Asana component but without knowing Sanskrit (language) you can fail too .The journey of teaching sure hasn’t been easy for me.

The difficulties I faced when teaching:
1. Remembering Sanskrit
2. Giving instructions/directions (verbalising without showing)
3. Breathing instructions (when to inhale exhale)
4. Adjusting posture professionally
5. Remembering right or left side
6. Confident and being comfortable
7. Creating sequence (think too hard, finding sanskrit, not to use given asanas, work on point 1-6 of the sequence)
8. Setting the mood of the practice

One more teaching week to work on.

Week 4/5