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Pranayama and Meditation

Prior to YTT, I attended my first pranayama and meditation class at my gym with my trusted
Indian yoga teacher. Since then, I’ve forever declared pranayama and meditation class to be the
toughest class ever for myself at least, and even ‘swore’ in jest to never attend another again.
Nonetheless, I recognize and am aware of the benefits of this practice and have always wanted
the discipline, mental strength to pursue this field of practice with rigor and regularity. However,
the fear of the austerity in being still and oblivious in the face of discomfort, had seen me attend
only a handful of pranayama and meditation classes subsequently over a span of a few years.
Therein seated deep in the corner of my heart, though, was the desire to attempt this field
regularly for at least 6 months. Hence, imagine my delight to be exposed to the various
breathing techniques and meditation opportunities at YTT.
To me, prana or vital life force energy that is flowing through our bodies, is the most important
part of yoga, and lays the foundation of the yoga practice. The poses or the asanas are a
means to an end of connecting the various channels of our body into a seamless, stronger and
better being overall.
The deep intentional breathing during meditation or during the asana practice, removes
energetic blockages within the body, unleashes hidden potential energy, purifies the body and
enhances overall body circulation.
It serves as a constant reminder to continue practicing pranayama on the mat and outside the

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