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Pranayama: Mable

Breathing can help to relax. This sends a message to the brain to calm down and relax. This
YTT have taught in a total of six breathing techniques. There is an approximately of
30minutes breathing session every time before the class begins. Each breathing technique
has own unique and specific effects on the mind or body. I always thought that I’m the
person who cannot sit still for long periods. It comes to my surprise that I do not begin
fidget when I try to focus on my breathing.


It becomes a habit that I do practice Ujjayi (Ocean’s Breath) when I’m on my way to work.
I realize this really can help soothe and settle my mind. It Is calming meanwhile stimulating
the process of oxidation. Ujjayi was introduced by the YTT teacher on the first day of YTT.
It is an inactive breathing technique and easy to learn compared with the rest. I still
remember I do not know how to constrict my throat or what does the means of rubs against
the back of my throat on the first day. Practice makes perfect. I started to breath more
effectively without making any conscious effort now.


I have also once experience Bhastrika pranayama on the first day of my moon cycle. I felt
how the blood circulates benefits of this breathing technique once I finish practicing. Well.
I have learned my lesson. Practicing pranayama is to pay attention to your breath. Somehow,
I cannot focus when practicing Brahmari (Bumble Bee Breath) if I do not cup our hands
over the ears and when everyone in the class try to ‘Ham’ as exhales.


Still, I prefer Nadi Shodhana compared to all the breathing techniques that I had learned so
far. It relieves my migraines once, hence I believe it does improve hemoglobin levels. This
pranayama brings the balances of the brain. Left nostril link to right brain and vice versa.


There is a saying that this Nadi Shodhana can cleanse the past life karma and helps bring
the mind back to the present moment. And I think I believe in this saying.


200HR YTT Jul’21 Weekend