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Seated meditation has proven to be a challenge but I managed to learn more about my body. I like to fidget around, touch my face, and my mind floats to different thoughts and feeding on them. Hence, I never enjoyed meditation. With my rounded back, I have the tendency to slowly shift my weight backwards and soon I find tension building in my arms and shoulders. My hands went from resting on my knees to grabbing them. That is when Jessica starts to cue reminders on our posture and explaining why we are feeling the tension on our arms and shoulders.

Honestly, I have yet to feel the benefits of meditation in a drastic way but perhaps, the fact that I was able to feel grounded for most part of the meditation and somewhat at ease (until the soreness kicked in at the lower back), I consider that a breakthrough.

As the weeks progress, I explored the use of blocks and sitting on my knees, with my sheens on the mat. With the former, I still feel tightness in my hips which could make my hips even tighter and hence, I do prefer the latter to a certain extent.

200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21