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Pre-YTT | RYT200 Reflections | Yuqi

When I first decided to take up this yoga teacher training course, I was confident that I really want it, yet unsure if I was making the right decision.

Taking on YTT or not – was not an easy decision to make.
It’s a 200-hours course, spanning over 25 days (weekends). I have never attended a 2 hours yoga class before, so how can I possibly pull through an 8 hour class?! Am I experienced enough for YTT? I have been attending yoga classes for years now but I wouldn’t consider myself a seasoned practitioner. Are the financial and time costs an investment that I can afford? Should I take the 50-hours and 100-hours options instead? What if I can’t commit?

… and there were many other ‘what-ifs’ there were floating in my mind.

But I really wanted to take on a complete yoga course to deepen my knowledge on not just yoga poses, but the philosophy as well. So I got in touch with The Yoga Mandala, made a trip down to the studio and yeah, I got such good vibes that I was almost certain that I wanted to do my YTT here. All the uncertainties that I had earlier – kinda just vanished. I confirmed my decision 3 weeks later and was so excited to begin YTT! 🙂

Yuqi @yuqii