Pre/Post Natal Yoga 2 – by Joyce Tan 300hr Ashtanga YTT March Weekday 2017

We are coming to an end of the course. As much as I am still a bit in disbelief that I will be a qualified pre/post natal yoga teacher, I am grateful that I have learned so much. I believe this course didn’t just made me a qualified pre/post natal yoga teacher, it has made me a better yoga teacher in general. I had the chance to further understand how I can help people with different body types to approach yoga poses depending on what is the intention of their practice.

Personally I find the 8 limbs of yoga is a great principle, not just for yoga teacher. I didn’t expect that was brought up in pre/post natal yoga too! It is amazing how versatile yoga practice is. It is never just about the physical benefits. That is what makes yoga different from other forms of sports. You can approach it in various ways, in the end the benefits are all the same. I am not a very spiritual kind of person so my approach is very logical. Yet I benefit a lot from it physically or mentally. Basically yoga is sort of like a way of life.