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Quitting my job to learn yoga

I was dying for a break, dying to learn a new skill, dying to be more in touch with my mind & feelings, dying to become healthier, dying to get stronger, dying to stop the anxiety of not knowing what’s next for me, dying to stop procrastinating, dying to love people better, dying to feel secure. So, I finally tendered my job of 8 years, without knowing what is ahead for me.

Three weeks later, I joined 200 hours Yoga Teachers Training Course. I have always liked yoga very much but I have never thought about studying yoga or becoming a yoga teacher. Deciding to enrich myself and build more stamina & strength in my fast-aging body was the best choice for me. Now, I feel deeply connected to my body and mind, and I’ve definitely become a more mindful person. The final exam for this course will be on thursday and friday, although I cannot balance in many poses, get into some poses, hold most (popular exam) poses nor understand sanskrit, I am already very happy with my current performance and progress. Before this, I have attended yoga lessons irregularly everywhere and I did all my poses with very bad alignments, I hated meditation (om-ing), I didn’t know how to do yoga breathing and I was very impatient with everything yoga. It’s different now, getting into the perfect pose doesn’t hold the same meaning and quiet time during meditation has become a joyful thing.

So far, I’ve planned 5 sets of yoga sequences and tried teaching full ‘class’ twice. I wasn’t considering teaching yoga before coming to IHA but I really enjoyed teaching now. I like telling my students to stretch and to try work for better body, I like guiding them to poses that are not as difficult as it looks. Yoga teaching is surprisingly a lot of fun and fulfilment for me. Today I came home and noticed that my living room is actually quite big to put at least 8 mats and for some strange but obvious reason, I felt excited….

Dear Confidence, come and hug me to sleep tonight, tomorrow and especially next week when my course is over pleaseeee?