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Rachel: Perspectives in yoga

Something I was really fascinated by during YTT was how I never observed that many yoga poses were the same but simply take different names and activate different muscles in seated, standing, prone or supine positions. For example, one of my favourite poses— the forward fold, is uttanasana in standing, pachimottanasana in seated and adho mukha svanasana (downward dog) in prone. One of the most restorative poses— child’s pose, is balasana in seated/ kneeling, pavanamuktasana (wind relieving pose) in supine, then becomes more challenging as a handstand tuck.

Just like how water exists in liquid, solid and gaseous states, practicing and appreciating yoga reminds me to be fluid and flexible (mentally and physically). This circuit breaker period has forced me to look at situations with fresh perspectives and try to find growth and purpose in uncertainty. Some things that used to be easy and taken for granted, such as practicing in the studio, has now become challenging as I try to find the discipline to practice at home. On the other hand, the isolation period has brought my family closer— something I always found I had little time for.  But just like yoga, I try to always bear in mind, that different situations activate different “muscles”, building my different aspects of my character. I’m grateful for such periods that give me no option but to re- examine life and my current practices. I hope that we all come out of this period stronger— in practice and mind— and do life with grace and resilience!

Fen’20 Weekend YTT