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Rachel: The five Yamas of yoga

Something I was really interested to learn about in YTT was the eight limbs of yoga. Other than the third limb –
physical practice, which would be what most people would think yoga is all about, I was deep intrigued by the first
limb. Yama the moral code of conduct mentions five practices of avoid violence, lying, attachment, stealing and
wasting energy. Out of these five, I found three that resonates:
a. Ahimsa (Non-violence): Always remind myself to know what my limits and intensions are, whether in
yoga, career or relationships. To not push myself to chase or aim impress others at the expense of my
mental health or giving up what I truly want.
b. Apharigaha (Non-attachment/ possessiveness): Holding on to negative feelings and thoughts only
harms oneself. Recognise the emotion and let it go, as a new day will come and these experiences only
serve to help us understand ourselves better. This also applies to positive situations. Do not crave the
highs, but be content.
c. Asteya (Non-stealing): Respecting other’s time. Take ownership and responsibility for the trust others
have put in you.

These practices are not only applicable in yoga, but also in our daily lives- and only goes to show that yoga goes
way beyond the mat!


Feb’20 Weekend YTT