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Reena (5/6)

It doesn’t get easier, we simply become stronger. Stronger than we were yesterday, stronger than we were from the class just an hour ago. Stronger than ever.

This has been no doubt one of the most mentally and physically draining week of my YTT journey. Having to prepare for class, sequencing, settling my mind into teaching, and attending my classmates’ lessons. Can I just say that I’m so glad I made it thus far and am so proud of all my classmates for hanging through it all. Seeing how they pull through every class and teaching really motivates me to keep going as well:)

And am really pretty amazed by myself how I can teach for an hour. As someone who can barely give a 10 minutes presentation in front of class because of anxieties, I think this is really a huge milestone for me! And what’s even better is I find myself enjoying every moment of giving my all to those on the mats taking in instructions from me:) I enjoyed seeing my class and sequences come into life. And I really learned so much by just looking at people do their flow, learning from how different bodies move differently, and just how strong our bodies are to bring us through each class.

Never have I attended so many yoga classes in my life, but there’s a first to everything right? And I’m beginning to become more aware of my thoughts during every flow! More than just the physical body, I find myself becoming aware of my thoughts, my gazing points and what I allow to come into my mind in every posture. And these are things I never really bothered in the past during yoga lessons.

We’re really coming to an end now, down to our final week. But I’m pretty sure this is just the beginning of all things new and magical that I’ll learn from this YTT journey onwards. And all that I’ve already learned, ready to bring and share with the world outside. There’s still one more class for me to teach, and I’m ready, more open minded to learn, more than ever. And I hope to keep improving myself from there.