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Reflecting on YTT

YTT has been an absolute journey – physically and mentally.

I remember the first week of YTT – my body had never been pushed so much physically before. It was well worth it though, as I started making breakthroughs after breakthroughs. I never imagined that I would improve so much so quickly, but it goes to show how the human body can change in such a short period of time!

I learnt so much about my body as well. I knew that I always had hunchback (kyphosis) but I didn’t know that I had lordosis as well, and pronated feet. Probably my biggest takeaway from YTT physically is being more mindful of my posture and learning how to correct myself. Now I try to stand and sit up straight all the time, and I am noticing more frequently whenever my back is starting to round. In fact Jessica had warned us that our backs may start to ache due to us readjusting our alignments, and true enough my lower back started to ache in week 4 of YTT!

I’ve learnt so many lessons on the mat that I want to translate to real life. Executing certain asanas has taught me to be appreciative and content with where my practice is. Trying to nail certain asanas has taught be to be disciplined and patient with myself. Teaching classes, while absolutely nerve wrecking, has made me feel more confident in myself. I came into this YTT hoping to learn more about yoga, but I learnt so much about who I am and my personality.

This YTT has reinforced in my mind that yoga is so much more than the physical postures or looking good. Practicing yoga has made me a more well rounded individual which I am eternally grateful for ☺