Reflections of the first week

First week, first post. Although this fulfils part of the assignments of the YTT course, I’m all for it as I’d want to be reminded of my thoughts through the five weeks at The Yoga Mandala.

I think five weeks is a long time especially for someone (i.e. me) who has commitment issues. Furthermore, who has five weeks, 7-8h/day away from work and/or adulting responsibilities to commit to a yoga practice? Apparently all eight of us in the April weekday batch! 😜

The night before the first day, I was like a kid the night before the first day at a new school. Nervousness struck me. Sleep did not find me till it was 2am! For the past week, my life had been:

  • 6:45am: rise and shine
  • 7:50am: climb the flight of stairs to TYM
  • 8am: Pranayama and meditation
  • 8.30-11am: preps and asanas training
  • 11-12pm: lunch and rehydration!
  • 12-2pm: theory training
  • 2-3pm: self practise in the studio
  • 5-6pm: more self practise at home

Looking back at the week, I thought I had died from the physical training by Day 2. Days 3 and 4 went by in a blur and by Day 5, I was pretty sure my brain had left my body. The week was mentally and physically draining for a cubicle worker for the last ten years of my life. I had not moved or sweat so much in my life over a span of five day for the last fifteen years!

I jotted down two words this week in my notebook: AWARENESS and CONTROL. Reflecting on the words, I know I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself but I’m somebody who lacks body awareness and my alignments were all over the place. This I’m trying to mindfully learn and I’m telling myself to be patient and not get exasperated for not getting things right the first time. This is not only body awareness but awareness in my thoughts, my being and interactions in this world. I strive to be ever more present and live the four paths of yoga.

One other key thought that surfaced this week was that I become flustered and frustrated when I am not in control – my body, my thoughts and life situations. I scribbled down in my notebook to “let go”. This is going to be a mindful continual work on myself and I welcome situations where I’m no longer in control and fear grips me – in yoga and in life. With each uncomfortable situation, I believe in growing stronger as long as I don’t shy away from it.

I love yoga not only because of the physical practise, i.e., the asanas but the associated realisations or enlightenments if you want to call it that, that surfaces as you breathe mindfully. Inhale, exhale. You see, all you need is your breath!


Joanne (ig: jojo_namaste)