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Renee – Body, Mind and Soul (1/6)

6 & 7 July 2019 – Day 1 & 2

Before class starts, Jess asked everyone to give a self-introduction, then I realised I am the most junior one among all my classmates and with a very poor foundation, less than 2 years on and off practice plus lack of flexibility and body strength…and not doing any practice in any place currently! Think I’m the only person who could not do the proper Chaturanga in my class…So I started to worry a lot and doubt if I really can graduate from this program…

However during the Day 2 theory session, Jess taught us Yoga is the union of our body, mind and soul. So is not only about how fancy asana or posture you can do. It’s more about observe yourself and bring awareness of your body. Which is quite in line with my 3A belief – Awareness, Awaken & Action. Quite enjoy the theory part, Jess is such a cute and fun teacher, with the adequate profession at the same time. I’m glad that I chose Mandala for my YTT journey and hope it can bring me full awareness!