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Renee – Observation & Awareness (2/6)

After few weeks of YTT practice and observation, I start to aware more about my body and at the same time, realised more problems of my body.

During the first 2 weeks, I felt the very tight hamstring and unevenness of my left & right body, I can’t even do the proper forward fold…Thanks to my lovely classmate KC who introduced a Physio to me and I really find some improvement after the 1.5 hours consultation.

But when we start to practise falling from headstand, I got a strong locked feel and pain of my left shoulder and it’s really restricted and discomfort me a lot. Jess was so worried about me so she asked me to stop immediately and required me to do an X-ray and check out what’s going on before I can take any further action. Safety always comes first, she is really a caring teacher.

And over last week’s study, we learnt how to do the spinal check & adjustment, we went through everyone’s body scanning, defined the problems and designed the postures for each other for the improvement. This brings real awareness of our body, I started to consciously focus on those problems I have and keep reminding myself to externally rotate my knees & thighs, squeeze my butt, scoop in my tailbone, tuck in my ribs & retract my shoulder blades in daily life. Not easy but yes, no pain no gain.