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Renee – OMG Inversions! (3/6)

Comes to the inversion part, as what I mentioned before, I really don’t have a strong foundation and enough strength, inversion to me is really challenging and tough, I never tried any kind of stand before except shoulder stand T_T

1st inversion in Mandala is headstand, Jess guided us step by step and emphasised the important key points, like how to place ur head on the mat, push the shoulders away from ears and keep tuck in the ribs & tailbones, 3 points of contact etc. Most of my classmates did it easily and successfully by following her guide, however, it’s so difficult for me to implement even with her helping hand, I try my best to push my shoulders away but still can’t flip myself upwards, a bit frustrated but Jess told me it’s ok, the most important thing is not flipping yourself up successfully but by doing it safely.

After class I tried to practise at home but made a mistake which was I did not against the wall but my bed, so when I fell, I strained my lower back, haha what a silly mistake…

But surprisingly, after stopped for few weeks, suddenly I can do the headstand by last week! Not sure how I unlocked this new skill but guess it’s because I built up some strength through the few weeks YTT training and finally managed to push my shoulders away! What I need to improve now is pull myself up without the wall and stay there for a longer time 🙂

But when come to Pincha, then it’s become the real challenge to me, I have been tried for 2 weeks and still trying, while Jess asked me to avoid any arm balances and inversions for now due to my shoulder issue, so I will only practise the basic 3 legged dolphin first and hopefully one day I can overcome it and do Pincha!