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Renee – Progression (4/6)

Times fly! We are now coming to the end of YTT and we have lesser and lesser time to
practise together.
But I’m glad to see my progression and improvement during these 2 months. Since day 1, I
thought I am the worse YTT student in mandala history, weak foundation, lack of strength,
lack of flexibility, don’t even have time to practise, always far behind my classmates…But
Jess corrected my thoughts and told me that I don’t need compare to others because everyone
is different, just try my best and be aware of my own body is very important. True enough, I
can see the difference and improvement almost every week along the journey. I got no arm
strength to do the Chaturanga at the first 2 weeks but I can do it now, though not the perfect
one. I can’t do headstand at the start even with Jess’ help, but now I can slowly come up
myself. And for the wheel pose, finally I can push up last week after I try and fail so many
times, Jess told me she was so happy when she saw I finally did it and it meant my body was
ready for that.
I know I still have a long way to go and my body still has so many restrictions to do certain
asanas, but I will take my own time to practise & cultivate, I will be there and complete the
transform, eventually.