Reverse Time and Be Young Again.. (Cherlene 5)

The secret is out guys. It’s official. I have uncovered the mystery to yoga teachers’ eternal youth and as a responsible member of the society, I will let the cat out of the bag. Are you ready for it?


That’s right guys. That is the real secret to everlasting youth and longevity.

We got served this week with our asana practical and yoga theory exams. There was no way to be prepared and know that you are gonna walk outta the battlefield unscarred. Practical was a shocker for all of us. It was not because we did not know our sanskirt (we are bloody good now), it was also not because we had no stamina or endurance… The atmosphere of the studio, the silence, and the intensity we went at for each of the asana (with our eyes closed first before we opened them for better adjustment) were OFF THE CHARTS. Like a typical classroom setting, before exams, we were discussing what were the best and worst situations.. and right after exams, we sat on the mats.. Stoned and stunned and went on to discuss about how we felt we did, and how we felt our classmates fared. I FELT LIKE I WAS TRANSPORTED BACK TO SECONDARY SCHOOL!

Following the practical examination, was our theory paper. All of us ‘burnt midnight oil’. Mad discussions going on in the groupchats, last minute bookmarking of the various pages in our notes, frantic intense googling for more information in case we missed out AND, attempts at questions spotting (LOL).. It was all too familiar. In the one hour we took our exam, it was absolute silence in the studio ; save for the rustling of papers and the sound of pens <s>flying</s> scribbling across the pages. After the paper, the discussion that went on, the dismal look on some of us.. teleported me back to school-days again.

To be a yoga teacher, this is really just the beginning. Taking just 200HOURS is not going to be enough. Even as teachers, we are students of other teachers, of our environment, of life. With every workshop / training a yoga teacher goes through, the practice deepens, the sense of awareness heightens and the integration of yoga (not just asana practice) becomes more seamless.. For me, I guess I will always be transported back to the days when I had to be hustling with revision each time I have to prepare for any sort of examination.. and this revision for me now, begins with daily reflection.. Right now, I shall continue to relish in feeling pre-18.