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Ribs -Tannie, RYT200

Ah. Ribs. I never imagined it will be a word i hear often in yoga.
BBQ Baby back ribs, honey spare ribs, bak kut teh, hit me with it anytime of the day.
Pull in your ribs, Expand and contract your ribs, tuck your ribs in, my mind goes blank.


How do I bring in my ribs? I have never met my ribs before. Are my ribs in now? I think they are, but no they are not. Oh ribs, how I hate you, but only because I don’t know you, and I oh so need you, I want to love you. Without you, i can’t do any poses properly, without you, i definitely won’t be able to progress to more challenging poses.


I’m going to try to get to know you. I’m going to place my palms gently on you, feel you expand and contract, register the sensation, and try to remember the sensation of moving you.


It is going to take some time, I’ve been alerted to your existence and importance, i acknowledge you and i will get to know you.
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