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Rosetti: Reflection on 8 Limbs of Yoga – How to apply Yama in my life & intentions set for YTT

1. Ahimsa – non-violence, not harming, kindness and compassion for
It actually rang a bell (or actually it is an alarm) to me when I was taught
about this yama during the theory session. For all these years (more
than 6 years actually) that I have been practicing yoga, my aim has
always been trying to “stay health mentally and physically – de-stress
and to build a stronger body” However, I did not realize, on the other
hand I have been doing a lot of harms to myself in my daily life – I do
smoke, drink often and always doing all-nighters (given my job nature).

Through this YTT journey, I would like to improve and be non-
violent and kind to myself – no smoking, excessive drinking nor doing

all-nighters – And this would actually be one big step forward to apply
Yama (and Yoga as a whole!) in my life and start applying spreading
the good energy to the surroundings as well as people around me!

2. Aparigraha – non-possessiveness, non-greed and non-attachment
“Learn to let go” is actually a big reminder for me as I am the kind of
person that like thinking / attaching to the past – whether it is people,
objects or emotions. That is why I would always have the feeling that I
am being dragged by my past / old emotions
To me, this is also relates to one of the Niyama – Santosha
(contentment, embracing the moment for what it is) – I wish that with
the continual practice / application of yoga, and of course this YTT
journey, I can learn to live in and embrace the moment, and let go
of the pass 🙂

Feb’20 Weekend YTT