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Rosetti: Reflection on Inversion – Headstand

“You need to open your chest. You hold back a lot to yourself ya” said Jess.
To me this is not a just a simple oral instruction / adjustment, it made me
reflect deeply afterwards as one said our body posture actually reflects our
mental and physical health / state.

Yes, it is true, very true that I hold back / hold up a lot to myself. This is partly
because of the nature of my day job, as well as my up-bringing (as I always
believe people are largely shaped by their up-bringing environment).
I grown up in Hong Kong, joined the banking industry since I graduated from
university. I would describe myself as a person whom has been immersed in a
very competitive environment since young. To me, I do not trust easily and am
always reserved since my instinct is that not everyone (or to an extreme
extent in my work environment, no one literally) comes with good intentions,
and so I need to be guarded and hold back myself.

I am glad that I met Jess and all the lovely classmates during this YTT
journey. During this tenure they make me realize there are kind people around
me and it is always okay to open up and share – Life is actually a lot easier
when we are share our experiences and emotions.

It also does make me reflect on myself, from the deepest within, and
reminds me that I shall be always mindful of how should I behave in
daily life as a yogi, despite there is still a long way to go (and in fact yoga is
a life-long journey!)

Feb’20 Weekend YTT