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Often when I was engrossed in the class, the time for the final pose savasana would seem too
Before we realise, this YTT journey is coming to an end.
During savasana, like meditation, the lingering thoughts in my mind inevitably resurfaced at times.
What happens after I step out the mat? How do I continue with the unfinished plans I had prior to
class? I eventually resumed the identity of my daily life.
So we asked at the end of the journey, where would this YTT course one day leads us to?
This is in fact the standard question that my friends or colleagues who knows I am taking this course
would ask.
And I told them, it is the process.
25 days of training might not seem long, but the breakthroughs and insight we gained certainly last.
I have always thought it is tough to teach a yoga class, as I do not have good memory or observation
skills. I remembered having bad insomnia the day before my community class. It was a mixed feeling
of excitement and worries. Nevertheless, like how during a yoga class when my emotions and
thoughts made way for the practice, that mixed feeling disappeared when I was teaching. My mind
was present during the class and the experience of guiding someone else’s practise was truly
accomplishing and enjoyable. It did not feel like an hour long session either!
Besides learning to guide the practice of others, essentially I learnt to guide my own practise through
YTT. It provided me the space to consolidate my thoughts and relationship with the practice itself.
At the start of the course, Jessica mentioned that “YTT marks only the beginning of the journey”.
I am now confident in that too.
With every Savasana, I look forward to the next time I practise on the mat ☺


200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21