Scoliosis and Yoga

I am very thankful that Jess has briefly shared with us her scoliosis journey and condition. Her spine looks and felt the same as my mum’s back. The vertebrae that protruded out from her lower left back felt so hard and stiff!

The amazing thing is, my mum’s mobility is not that bad and she can bend forward to touch her toes. She does a little bit of back strengthening and stretching exercises every morning and probably that is the reason why she is not feeling much pain from her S shape scoliosis.

I recently brought her to see a chiropractor to get some adjustments to prevent her scoliosis from getting steeper. The chiropractor was really careful with adjusting her and surprisingly after two sessions, her vertebrae at her lower left back does not protrude out as much. She could feel the differences in her lower back and she can now sleep much better in the night time. She kept smiling as we were discussing about her back improvements! What a priceless form of happiness!

Wouldn’t it be nice if I can ease people’s back pain through yoga and derive the same form of happiness from there? But before I do that, I have to solve my own lower back pain issue! Tuck in my tailbone and engage my core!

Nelson Tay