Second last week of YTT

OMG How the time passes so much. I actually doesn’t want the 200 hours YTT to end. When I first started, I was wondering how I’m gonna survive the YTT since it starts at 8am and i have never been a morning person. However, to my surprise, I actually look forward to waking up early and start the classes every morning. We have learnt so much about our body, our chakras and our doshas. I also find it interesting how yoga will help our spine. I have always known that i have a crooked spine and a hunch back but i’ve been always unsure of how to fix it.Turn out, all I have to do is by doing fold forward poses to help improving my postures. The YTT has given me self-confidence too. Somehow, I feel that i’m taller even though i’m the shortest in class. My body is changing so fast in just 4 weeks :). It’s amazing!