Second Time Teaching- Naomi

Today was the 2nd time teaching an asana class.

I must admit, I did it again. Had stayed up ultra late (by my standards) reviewing my sequence and this time, making a playlist to play during the asana. One thing I realized, NEVER practice yoga at midnight and end with an arm balancing pose… My body was too engerized that I could not sleep after I completed my preparation for the following morning. The Yoga Nidra app didn’t help me either. Ha!

Enough complaining, the preparation was well worth it. Today was the first time I taught a class where there were people who were not from the YTT course. I felt the difficulty one must overcome in having different levels of practioners in the same room and that you have got to come prepared as much as possible. The minute you get onto the mat, your main focus isn’t about whether you memorized the sequence or the message of each asana or the sanskrit, rather is to figure out how you can add value to everyone. Hence you’ve got to come prepared on all things you can prepare upfront because your brain is going 100mph on the big question “how do I add value??” I continue to stuggle on adding value to advanced practioners. We were taught to help them deepen the pose but I currently find it very difficult to figure out how to do so in the 10secs you have in that one pose (and that is AFTER you have adjusted the beginners in the class).

The feedback after class was positive and I must say, that was a relief and very humbling. The time spent on the playlist had not gone to waste either, with a number of encouraging feedback on it as well.

I look forward in doing another teaching session tomorrow. The more the experience, the better you become. But more importantly, the more we teach it should direct us in a better understanding on what our own teaching style is, and what type of audience it will attract.