Self-care and Self-love – 6/6 Claire

Wow yoga taught me self-care and self-love. It’s true.

Self-care : It taught me to be more aware of my body strengths, limitations and proportions. And to carry out the asana with care, if not, to improvise with another variation (if due to body proportions). Also getting to know more on chakras, body anatomy, muscles and skeletal structure. It made me more appreciative of my body and made me want to care for it and more mindful on what i am feeding the body with (be it food, or emotions).

Self-love : I no longer feel that the main goal for yoga is to lose weight. If anything, the goal now would be to get stronger body regardless of the number on the weighing scale or the size of the clothes that i can fit in. It made me embrace my body shape even more. Knowing my body proportions and shape and how it may help or hinder me in carrying out a particular asana made me realise how unique each and every individual’s bodies are.

It has been an amazing journey in the YTT course. Amazing how it changes my body, mind and outlook in things and life now.

Trusting my gut feeling in jumping into this course with no further thoughts was one of the best things i have done for myself. Also of course all factors had come into place nicely for this event in my life to unfold, with my hubby telling me Mario is in YTT, Mario asking to join his class (getting to know Yoga Mandala), course date for YTT is suitable for my schedule, family support in going for the course, and most importantly for my body and mind to accept the course positively.

Interesting how things seem to unfold and coming into place in our lives. I believe we are constantly guided.


With metta,

Claire Tay