Self discipline in all practices – YTT 5/6 – CA

I have long admired the yoga body and mind for its elegance, length, strength and tone along with the stillness and compassion of mind. For many years I did weight training and definitely gained muscle, strength, and confidence. For almost a year I have all but abandoned weight training, with only the occasional trip to the gym. A one time regular runner, doing 10-20 km runs, this practice has also been on sabbatical. What has taken their place is yoga practice and what I have discovered is what yoga can do for the body when disciplined. All I have done for 2 months is yoga, on average 4 -6 hours on the weekend, plus a couple on the weekdays. Lo and behold, I feel stronger, have muscles re-appearing, and a sense of wellness and contentment. I have focused on the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological benefits of yoga- not to mention the joy of being with a group of supportive yogis and diving into the studying and planning. And I feel its multitude of rewards. I have a long way to go to accomplish some asanas but committing to this one discipline, to focus on the foundations of one type of practice, has been rewarding on many levels of wellness. Alas, it’s time now to re-incorporate the other regimes. As with the idea of tapas – time to face what I resist. Moving the body in other ways that are also healthy.