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Sequencing (6/6)

One of the greatest lessons YTT has taught me is sequencing. While both doing and teaching an asana the most important thing is to sequence movement strategically. Having worked in project management and client management I believed I had a fair bit of experience in strategizing solutions effectively. Yoga however has taught me the importance of sequencing in strategy specifically, the art of knowing to do x first, followed by y and then z. Simple instructions like “extend your arm, internally rotate it and then bind” has made so many poses more achievable and painless for me, compared to when I was just asked to “get your right hand to meet your left”.


It is so important to take a step back, go to the basics and really address the root cause of problems while strategizing a solution – sequencing is an important part of strategy and I will remember to use this across various aspects of my life – yoga and otherwise.