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Shane (5/6)

Wrapping up our first week of community classes, we are now just a week shy of graduation. Time flies, and revelling in the present is our only futile means of grasping at it.

Here’s a post in celebration of the completion of my first yoga class ever (: It wasn’t perfect, but I was certainly proud of it, and of myself for trying. At the end of the day, all I feel is contentment that the class went way better than I expected, relief from completing it, and deep gratitude for having a very encouraging and supportive bunch of YTT mates, on top of an already awesome instructor. To those who filled in for my class despite your fatigue, thank you as well!

Through this first class, I find myself really enjoying this. Yoga to me is an art, sequencing is as much a science as much as it is a creative expression, and sharing it is a joy – and teaching a yoga class is a blissful marriage of all the above. In my little pisces mind, yoga is simply physical poetry with a big potential of directly improving people’s lives.

Quoting Will smith, ” on the other side of your maximum fear are all the best things in life.” The pre-class anxieties were real and intense, but seeing the post-class happy faces of friends who enjoyed the class or those whose practice you’ve helped (1st side crows for example!) certainly makes all the effort and stress well worth it.

I feel like I certainly made the right choice taking up this YTT, and this was exactly the sort of enrichment I was looking for when I embarked on my sabbatical. Thank you Yoga Mandala, and I am truly looking forward to see where this journey leads.