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Side Crow Progressions


We explored Parsva Bakasana, Eka Pada Koundinyasana I, and Devaduuta Panasana. Parsva Bakasana is not a pose that I am unfamiliar with and is supposed to be easier than Bakasana but I have always been struggling with balancing in the pose. I like how Jessica breaks down the pose into smaller activities/drills to prep us into it. I must say it was really tempting to want to just get into the pose but I was trying real hard to be focus and follow the instructions and not rush into the pose. Side crow has definitely become more manageable for me and I am able to control my breaths in it and stay in the pose in a somewhat peaceful state of mind.

We progressed into EPK I and fallen angel. I felt like many of the poses that I have been exposed to, I don’t quite understand what my body should go through or feel. Definitely, something that I am lacking – body awareness. Technically, it is a backbend which is something that I didn’t know about until Jessica changes the perspectives of it to help us visualise it from Virabhadrasana I (really appreciate that too cause it is super important and helpful for me to understand since I don’t really have that awareness). EPK I is still a struggle and an even greater struggle since I am unable to bring that top leg back but I am optimistic that I will be able to get into it (properly).

As the weeks passed, it became easier to stay in the poses and flow from Side Crow to EPK I to Fallen Angel and the reverse order.

200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21