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Silent Victory

Silent victory

I just want to share about the feeling when your legs go up to the sky. Inversion.

Before this YTT, after every (failed) attempt to do a headstand I would have a horrible pain in my neck so bad that once I couldn’t turn my head for three days.
So after signing up to this course at TYM when I heard that people coming to this school are mostly interested in inversions I was slightly terrified I had made a wrong choice.

I don’t exactly know what I was thinking.. A yoga teacher training course, what to expect? I just knew I loved yoga and moving my body and the sense of community I felt in the beautiful places where I practiced it. Ha ha. I was no stranger to the magic of yoga, but I think I hadn’t ever had to physically work hard for the moment of bliss at the end of every class. How innocent of me.

So, continuing this course was stepping out of my comfort zone and committing to strengthening my body. The acid piercing through your muscles and the cramps after. Yes, not so blissful.
But let me tell you. Strengthen your core. Strengthen your arms. Strengthen your shoulders by coming into Dolpin pose and really pushing the floor away with your forearms (continue to tuck the ribs!), and one day you will be able to lift your legs up with bend knees. And you’ll be able stay there. And it will not cost any effort. You will just gently have to continue to remind yourself: Tuck in your ribs, shoulders away from ears, push floor away with forearms. Then one day you will find yourself straightening out your legs. Slowly. With control. Your legs will zip up to the sky. The toes will point. You will be one straight line to heaven. Ha! And it feels great. What an encouragement to find yourself in this pose. It is possible.

It has been a joy attempting and failing. Adjusting and strengthening. Yoga is not about the end goal but when you succeed.. That feeling of victory gives me a big smile on my face.

– Na Young Jeon