Sinnead Ali, Prenatal Yoga, March Weekday 2017 part two

The remaining days of our course covered post natal and how to teach a mixed class (pre and post natal). This at first appeared a challenge however I was able to get out of my head and apply common sense, over focusing on what I want to teach, it became a lot easier. I really enjoyed this challenge and was so grateful to be presented with this real life scenario. My classmates have been very quick to correct and assist one another. I have learnt a lot from them also and have genuinely loved hearing about everyones pregnancy journeys.
This was a perfect time for us also to review the Yamas and Niyamas! I have been fortunate to teach in a variety of settings often more glamorous than I even supposed as a student a few years ago. However its has occured to me that I have recently neglected my swadhyaya. I have returned to studies as I am aware that I can, at times, be very ego driven even though this can be disguised as wanting to serve others – it is often a manifestation of wanting to be purposeful. I will continue my self reflection and measure my actions so that I can surrender more and be a vehicle for good rather than goal orientated and attached to ideals of what a ‘great teacher’ looks like.
I became a yoga teacher to empower others and show them the amazing gifts I experience from the practice. I will continue my YTT’s and continue to humble myself to my teachers so I will forever remain a student. I hope to explore Vinysasa YTT at a later stage and my favourite part of the course was reviewing our yamas/niyamas as it has inspired me to get back to the books.
Today we looked at adjusting. I have always felt very confident, if maybe a bit too confident in adjusting because I regard myself as having good body awareness. I was pleased so learn how to apply this when working with pregnant women and how to adjust in a more appropriate way that makes them feel supported and also learning the correct alignment. The prospect of teaching a mixed class has also challenged my ‘cues’ and how I should be open to adjusting what I am used to cueing to make more mum friendly.
I look forward to moving on to our final day at Prenatal YTT where we will learn teaching a class to new mums and their babies. It is truly a blessing to be able to call this work and I am so excited to be learning under Nicole who is clearly so knowledgeable and passionate about the topic.