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31st October 2018


Today marks the 6th year that I have been practising yoga.

Although it has not been consistent throughout, this is the longest that I have stuck through with something. Till this date, I am amazed that I found something that I have a passion for, and in spite of it being 6 years since, I am still constantly learning something new and embarking on new experiences like this YTT. My journey to being strong and flexible might have taken a lot longer than most, but I am still enjoying the process.

I would never have thought that I will ever sign up for YTT. I never thought that I was ready. Till now, I still do not think that I will be ready. But when will we ever be ready? We will always think that we are not good enough and always seek for improvement. But that would just deter us from accepting new challenges and new experiences.

What holds us back is often ourselves. We can actually do a lot more that we think we can.

I have been toying with this YTT decision for the longest time. I am thankful for my loved ones, my teachers and my fellow yoga comrades who encouraged me to take this leap of faith.

We are now at the halfway mark of our YTT. And I am glad to say that I did not regret making this decision. 

Melissa @issa_lem