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There were so many choices after leaving my job. Work-holiday in Finland? Try out my other interests by working in different start-ups/restaurants/fitness centres as a temporary staff? Learn about food and agriculture by volunteering in a farm? And then I chose this — 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training.

OMGGGGG!! What was I thinking? I hate meditating, I hate chanting, I hate the fact that something so zen like yoga is now just another trendy thing to do (like spinning and vegan diet. *roll eyes). Do not get me wrong, I love peace, I agree with the power of mindfulness, I think yoga, vegetarians and spinning are cool shit and I’ll love to live in a mountain and do yoga-ish stuff, but the ego deep inside me just can’t swallow the idea of myself doing something so… (how to explain this)…it’s just so instagram-facebook-spamming-common. I could never get why people need yoga to find fulfilments, confidence, love or whatever enlightenment. So my original goal for this 200Hours is simply this, get a ‘legit’ certificate, build my fitness and hopefully get all my foundations for yoga correct so I won’t injure myself when I follow youtube yogis’ videos when I exercise, and if everything goes well, I can earn some pocket money from it.

Today is Day 5 of the course. Has my mindset change? Quite a lot. Ok firstly, I like sitting in stillness and concentrate on my breathing (pranayama) now. I think there’s something about the energy (omg i just said energy) in IHA, after all the practice, my mind is relax and I become more aware of my body. I’m still considering which is my most favourite pranayama method. Hmm, after today’s class, it should be bumble bee (bhramari). I wonder if it has to do with my love for the dying bees… hur hur.

I’ve also gained a lot of knowledge on yoga poses (asana). A lot of yoga teachers did not give important instructions during lessons, some even praised me for wrong postures I did, all these may potentially cause serious injuries to people. And so, this is my second and most important change, I feel that, maybe, I can be a great yoga teacher after the completion of my course. ALright, great or not, who knows? I guess now I do aspire to be one who motivates people to practice yoga correctly.

Enough said before I bore whoever that’s reading this post to death, I’m going to nap now, I am sneezing continuously as I’m typing. I hope I won’t fall sick. This course is tough. I need a healthy body and mind to go through another 4 weeks of this. God bless me ^______________^

Lindy Tay, student
200 Hours Teacher Training Course

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