so now, the end is near ….

All good things come to an end. As I contemplate my time over the last 5 weeks, how do I feel and what’s next? One thing I do know is that I want to spend more time around true yogis – I think I was there already in choosing to undertake this course and having stepped up my yoga practice over the past few months – but in meeting my fellow students and our wonderful teachers, I’ve truly seen a group of people who are genuinely kind and root for each other at every step – #bhakti – a far cry from corporate life!

Honestly, I probably will go back to the corporate world for a while, but my perspective has changed even more than it had already. No longer will I work tirelessly to please others – I will set my boundaries and will stick to them and I will work to meet my own life goals, not theirs. If that means that I need to change role / company, then so be it. I will definitely continue deepening my yoga practice – it makes me happy. I’m after that constant improvement in my flexibility and the high’s in learning and improving asanas. YTT and the theory behind yoga has also helped me to understand what makes me (and others!!) tick and why – I’ve had more than a couple of ‘aha’ moments in the last few weeks – and yoga is what I need in my life to keep me happy and content.

I’m also very conscious how not just my desk job, but also my gym workouts have actually hindered my flexibility. Now that I’ve managed to improve flexibility and strength through more intensive yoga practice, I’m thinking about what my regular workout regime will entail. It was always gym supplemented by yoga. It’s now definitely yoga supplemented by gym – and staying away from those exercises and classes which will take my yoga practice, and flexibility, backwards rather than forwards.

I do have my sights clearly set on ‘retirement’ from corporate life (it would be tomorrow if my husband had his way!) and I’m looking forward to setting up a small yoga studio in our home to teach privately when we finally move back to the U.K. The more I think about it, the more I want my ‘retirement’ job to kick in earlier rather than later ……… do what makes you happy, right? So I may even dip my toes into teaching in some way or form in Singapore soon to help balance out my corporate life and then transition from there. All my friends whom I’ve told about my grand plan think it’s a great idea and they would sign up with me – a lot of them have that same intimidation of a yoga studio, even though they are relatively young and fit. This gives me confidence that the plan may work. We have some more bucket list items to tick off before we get to activate the grand plan, but stay tuned and if you’re in the U.K. in a couple of years, look me up!


Lisa 🧘‍♀️