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So.. what is yoga to you? SuZanne

I started yoga quite a few years ago (honestly i cant rmb how long has it been) but recent years people started to ask me “ why do yoga?” “What’s the meaning of doing all those poses?” “ what purposes does it serve?”
I did not know what to answer. Except that “i feel good =)” “ it just an amazing feeling, i feel connected with myself” “i feel destressed “ (because it also happened tt i started yoga back then when i was stressed at work)
It starts to create a lot of doubts about why i do yoga.

And now i am relieved that i am right.i can tell everyone what it is. There is no right or wrong about what’s yoga as long as you feel that connection between your mind, body and soul. I feel that connection within myself
– connect with my emotions: come into terms with my own emotions, let of those emotions that does not serve me
– connect with my mind: i am stronger than i think
– connect with my body : healthy body, healthy mind, bringing awareness to how my body feels in the asanas

In addition, learning about Raja Yoga (king of yoga) _ the 8 limbs of yoga even deeper my understanding, especially Samadhi ( Enlightment). Well… i am still searching for it… but i know i working my way through it, like how this Ytt is the beginning..
I guess the social media has given some false images to people who has not experienced yoga before. Is it really about those fancy asanas..? But it doesnt mean we cant educate on it. I would also say, give it a try then you know more Yar.? And find out what is yoga to you=)